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Eyes once full of stars look to the moon,

its crimson stain a mirror to my soul.

Tarnished, afraid, hungry wolves howl,

the sound a scream that shattered long held dreams.

I see no end, the cold wind blows,

a refreshing breeze filled with home.

I curse his cruel trick, my fate hard to swallow.

I wish I had listened, that I could cry and be heard,

Instead, silence, trudges by.

My footfall echoes in empty lungs, the thrum felt deep,

the heavy step, like a bear’s clawed feet.

The night closes in like a song, upon the ship of the ferryman,

I am bound and condemned.  




This poem was created in a poetry workshop my writing club arranged. We were given a sheet in which we were to select certain words/phrases to be used in our writing. Each word/phrase was within a box, and the boxes lined the page, top to bottom, and left to right, forty-two in total. You could start with any box on the edge of the page but had to then join up boxes (words) ending at the other side, using the words/phrases in the same order you crossed the page. My words/phrases (boxes) were: StarLooking at the moonwolfrefreshingbearsongship.

I really enjoyed the exercise, thinking of the ferryman from Greek mythology, when I selected my final box/word: ship. I then built the rest of the poem around meeting Charon, the ferryman who ushers souls along the river Styx to Hades.


Obols for Charon

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