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I step upon a frozen sea,

its inky glaze a reflection of me.

Dark, dank, and full of despair,

I sink, crushing waves rising to enslave.

I am bound for home, so they say.

Salt stings, the bone deep cold exposing their lie.

A dark storm stirs, steals the fading light.

I fight, regret, but it’s too late,

their barren promise has consigned me to the night.

I should have known,

there is no such place as home.

Written by Salena Lee

Poetry is still new to me, but I love to play around, and give things a go.  I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as writing friction, but I do.

As morbid as it is, the poem is about someone who longs for home, and after hearing their whole life about a heavenly home waiting for them in death, they decide to jump into the sea to find it. Instead of a bright light and heavenly father waiting to greet them, all they discover is darkness.

No Home in Death
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