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Morning Star : Prologue, (book 2) A legacy of Blood.


I had been two months…  Those months had been torture, for me, and for all those who lost people they loved. I had hoped that with the death of Skӧll things would become easier, instead, the more I learn, the more I realise easy is not a word that exists within our world.

There is a saying the humans use ‘time heals all things’, I had heard immortals use it too, but from what I’ve seen, felt, time heals nothing. All that time does, is make hiding your pain easier, more natural.

So many question kept buzzing around my head, so many answers evading me. Why? Why her…Why me? Out of respect for those grieving, I had kept them to myself, tried to push them back and ignore the annoying hum that accompanied them. But the more I refused to acknowledge, ignore, forget, the more I gave myself to the wolf.

 Every day she grew more powerful, every minute acting like a push up, building her core strength. Instead of attempting to control her, I found myself wanting her company. It probably didn’t help that I was cooped up, restless, bored.

It was a daily battle, light verses dark… a combination, I could never truly be free of, a fight, I was sure to lose at least fifty percent of the time. Now was one of those times. I could sense the build in momentum, the graduation of the inevitable.dawning of a new day

 A wave of evil, of a dark twisted void, was coiled, ready to lash and announce herself the winner. It’s far from normal, reassuring. The darkness my wolf imbues, held me prisoner coating every internal and external surface with her dark sap. Like skin, like blood, it was the part of me that was holding me together, protecting me from the barrage of grief that threatened to overwhelm me.

She called to me, my wolf, a tempting thrum that promised me retribution, vengeance. The pain of loss, of injustice, was the catalyst pushing me closer to the brink, closer to her reasoning.

 My thoughts were maddening, bordering on desperate. Pain laced its way around me, a noose that was tightening by the second. I needed help, I needed someone to listen… But who? … Who would understand the pain, the nature of what I am, the fear, the grief, the nauseating despair that refused to leave me?

I am a Warg… A daughter of tainted blood, a wolf, a nightmare that poses as a dream… Weaves of light induced hope latch onto me, anchoring me from the storm that had taken hold of my heart, my emotions. I understood the importance of their presence, understood the need to have them in place… I am the key that binds the blight of true evil, and yet I am myself the seed of such an evil.

The light my love ones infuse me with prevents the growth of violence, but it also prevented my revenge, the knowledge only increasing my anguish. A nasty taste layered my mouth, the idea of not hunting my enemies, contaminating the inner storm with an uncontrollable rage, rage that battered against my consciousness, like giant waves against a cliff face.

I knew my protectors meant well, but they do not understand the dark need that hammers within. In this one goal, I needed to be free, needed to exact my revenge, to make right the wrong wrought upon me, upon those I have learned to love, cherish.

I should warn the others, should fight harder to prevent the outpour…but for the first time in a long time, I didn’t want to. Not because I didn’t care, didn’t love… But because revenge was the driving force, the constant nagging that wanted me to pay attention, listen and obey. There were those who would help me, loved ones that have proven that they would always have my back, but when I tried to open my mouth to voice my despair… Nothing came out.

They wouldn’t understand.

I snarled, the deadly sound baiting my wolf. There was only one real solution


Morning Star

Book 2: A Legacy of Blood (Series)

Morning Star, Follow Mara on the next step of her journey …

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