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 Book Blurb: He Who Dares

‘The stare he sent my way made me feel uncomfortable, his closeness, on some sensory level, making me want to take a step back. Not out of fear, but because I dared a look at his mouth, my mind whipping to the question, curiosity, of what he might taste like.’escape in the jungle

Lilliana Rossmore is tired of all the media attention, the embarrassing, hurtful, and very public account of her personal life… Desperate to escape it, she hurriedly leaves for the one place in the world she felt certain the press wouldn’t follow… Darien’s gap, a strip of dense and untamed Jungle that borders Columbia and Panama.

Under the rouse of work for her employer, the Arden institute, Lilliana is hoping for an adventure, an exotic oasis that will mend her heartbreak and remake her a new woman… If only that were an option…

Unbeknown to Lilliana, Dangerous men lurk in that jungle, and somehow, they know she’s there… Paradise, may yet become her worst nightmare.

Strune, AKA, Sassy, loves being a member of the SAS, the ever-changing demands expected of him, the challenge to excel and accomplish what others could not. So, when he and his team are sent into enemy occupied jungle to find a missing Lilliana Rossmore, he is more than happy to fulfil his mission, no matter the danger…

Will he find her in time, and even if he does, can they make it out alive…?

He Who Dares part of the Stewart brother series

He Who Dares

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